Copenhagen Flight Hub Reviews

Copenhagen Flight Hub Reviews

Copenhagen Airport took 16th place in the 2015 Worlds Best Airport poll by SkyTrax.  The poll was taken by 12 million travelers and as thus, kind of represents a people’s choice award.  This rank is up one spot from their 17th place position in the same poll taken in 2014.  Copenhagen also won second place by SkyTrax customer poll the World’s Best Security and was also voted the Best Airport in Northern Europe.  Not bad take this year, Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Airport has opened a new lounge that is available for anyone on any airline.  It’s called the CPH Lounge and prices start at 169 Danish Krone (DKK) or $24.50 US Dollars.  The service includes free WiFi, light meals, fruit, complimentary drinks, newspapers in several languages and recharging stations for your electronic devices.  There are also computer stations for those without their laptops or other devices, and printing facilities if you need them.  The lounge itself is decorated in a classic luxury style that is a bit more informal than most airport lounges.  Those with first and business class tickets can still make use of the free airport lounges associated with their respective airlines—some examples are given below.

Other available lounges include the Regus Express Business lounge.  The lounge includes showers and breakfast and prices are by the hour or by the package.  For example an hour at the lounge is DKK 80 or about $11.60 US Dollars.  You can purchase a package that includes a shower, breakfast and a total of two hours of lounge use for about DKK 250 or US Dollars.  Other lounges include the Aspire Lounge, the Aviator Lounge, SAS Business Lounge and the SAS Scandinavian Lounge.  All lounges offer something a little different in each of the three Terminals, but they all include WiFi, drinks, food ranging from continental breakfast to salads and buffet meals, and reading materials.  If you are in need of a quiet place to work or rest, most of the lounges can accommodate you.

Are you planning to be passing through Copenhagen a lot this year or in upcoming years?  Then consider becoming a member of CPH Advantage.  CPH Advantage is a free membership at Copenhagen Airport that gives amazing benefits such as free WiFi anywhere within the airport hub, deals on parking and when making parking reservations on line, such as for parking or for hotel reservations, earn points on these purchases.  Points can be redeemed and used toward other duty free purchases.  The CPH Advantages program has several levels to choose from: Advantage Basic, Plus and Platinum.  Everyone starts out at the Advantage Basic level, if you spend more than 2000 DKK in one year, then you will automatically be bumped up to the next level which is the Advantage Plus level.  Then to reach the Advantage Platinum level, you must have spent 10,000 DKK in one year.  These thresholds are $287 US Dollars to get from Advantage Basic to Plus and $1437 US Dollars to get from Advantage Plus to Advantage Platinum.  At each level there are more perks, so if you shop a lot at the airport, or frequent the airport to park or use the hotel, then you will be racking up the points and perks in no time!

Speaking of shopping, Copenhagen’s airport hub has over 120 shops for you to browse during your layover.  Find the usual brand names such as Boss, Bottega Vaneta, and Victoria’s Secret.  But you can also find Tiger of Sweden which is a specialty tailor shop for men.  In fact, it seems that most of the shops revolve around men and women’s fashion, clothes and shoes.  There are other stores that include watches and jewelry too–many to choose from.

You can find many duty free items for purchase at the Copenhagen airport.  Items such as perfume, liquor, beer, wine and cosmetics.  Purchasing duty free items is not as clear as it seems.  When you are an international customer and are moving on from Copenhagen to a non-European country, then you may purchase duty-free items, including tobacco.  Please keep this in mind when moving through the Copenhagen airport hub.

If you are hungry and just need a hot meal, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from at the Copenhagen mega hub.  There is something for everyone, Copenhagen has Food to Fly (food to go), bars and cafes, and restaurants.  There are familiar names such as Burger King and Starbucks and smaller name sushi and Nordic restaurants, too.  There are also specialty restaurants including those with menus for kids, and vegetarian and vegan restaurants too.

If you are traveling with children, here is what you should know about traveling through Copenhagen’s airport hub:

  • Unaccompanied minors. An Unaccompanied minor are children traveling without adults.  Unaccompanied minors are not reserved through Copenhagen airport staff, they are made through individual airlines.  And among the airlines flying through Copenhagen, only certain airlines will take unaccompanied minors, so you should check with your airline provider.  Make sure you book in advance, as the airlines that do allow unaccompanied minors will only take so many per flight.  There is usually a fee associated with this service.
  • Baby food is allowed to be brought in hand bags through security checks. It does not follow the same rules as other liquids, however, there must be a demonstrated need for the item—i.e. a baby.  Pureed fruit and baby food is also OK, but water to mix baby formula is exempted.  You’ll have to get the water to mix your baby’s formula after airport security.
  • Strollers are free for use by airport customers. You can use them whenever they are free, and because they are frequently used, they can be found all around the airport.  If you see one that is not in use, you can take and use it.   If you have your own stroller and did not check it at the airline desk with your other checked luggage, make sure you ask if you can check it when boarding.  Different airlines have different rules for strollers.

Did you know?

Copenhagen airport is celebrating 90 years in 2015?  They were established in 1925!

You cannot purchase tobacco when traveling through Copenhagen airport hub to another European country!  Only those traveling to other countries can purchase tobacco in the airport.

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